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Free images for everyone! This is the mission of, the biggest online image database and photo community. More than 150,000 high quality photographs and 130,000 members are what characterise the ap experience: Art meets people.

If you are looking for images, you will find exciting motifs and sophisticated shots covering more or less any subject on ap. Thousands of keen photographers use the portal to exchange views and for inspiration. ap has made an expert photographer of many an amateur snap shot grabber. And, incidentally, you can earn some extra cash with your photos on aboutpixel de ...
aboutpixel has been around since 2003, starting life as a user project with the Gulli web community and as a separate site since 2004. Its founder, Andreas Dittberner, is a self-taught graphic designer and amateur photographer. He has enjoyed watching his "baby", ap, grow over the years. "At the outset, we were just a bunch of photo nuts, and most of us are still around today," he remembers. Today around a dozen admins are responsible for viewing and selecting the photos uploaded to the site.
Following the major relaunch in 2009, the ap site now basks in a new light and is rapidly becoming a new home for photographers and people seeking that perfect shot on the WWW.

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