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The observance of copyrights has the highest priority for aboutpixel. As a portal visitor or a registered member, you acknowledge this and ensure careful handling of copyright protected content and the observance of related rights.

If, in your opinion, or if you suspect that, other members are distributing such content through the aboutpixel portal, the use of which violates your copyright and/or other rights, or the copyright of a third party, and/or the other rights of a third party, or that other members are violating the terms and conditions of use and licensing of aboutpixel or statutory provisions, we ask you to notify us immediately providing the following details:

  • exact description of the circumstances and the particular legal infringement that exists in your opinion; for any violation of the law in connection with the content distributed through the aboutpixel portal, the particular subject content must be precisely and sufficiently designated and described;

  • your address, including email address and, if necessary, user name and telephone number.

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