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aboutpixel is a royalty-free database to exchange exciting and interesting photos. We have pictures from 0,52 €, which makes us one of the most affordable sites in this market.

aboutpixel covers more or less every subject under the motto "agency meets photographer". If you want to download additional images, you can top up your credit in our shop at any time at a charge. So, upload your photos or download great photos to your heart’s desire!


137961 professional and semi-professional photographers as well as talented hobby photographers.

On the other side: Media customers of all ranges, papers, magazines, agencies, publishing houses as well as freelancers from all areas.

Get snapping, upload your images, and get half of the credits used for every image downloaded, whether PayCredits or FreeCredits, credited to your account. Users can also comment on and rate your images – and your image may even make the title of "image of the day"!

Get valuable hints and tips from experienced photographers and people from the creative scene.

We offer pictures from 0,52€. Stop by on a friday to get 6 FreeCredits added to your account (can only be used on same day). Once you have used them up you can easily buy more credits in our ap-shop.

You can search for photos using the image or detailed search, and in the category overview, you can search images by specific subject, such as Business & Office and Sports & Fitness.

If you've used up all your FreeCredits, you can always get more. The range goes from 15 to 100 euros and the larger the package, the greater your reward in credits (10 credits cost app. 1 euro). FreeCredits will always be deducted first when you download a picture.

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You have a breathtaking motif, but no one is downloading it? Maybe you didn't give it the right tags? Each picture should have at least 10 tags and the more, the better.

But also remember: The tags should describe your actual picture. The downloaders want to find the picture they are looking for! Need some inspiration for your tags? Take a look at our most popular buzzwords!

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All ap photos can be used commercially for various projects and without any time limit. You can find unlicensed images here; give your work the perfect final touch!

We want to be more than "just" a database – our mission is above all to enable users to exchange creative ideas. This is why you’ll find all the latest news about aboutpixel and photography in our blog.

In our forum, you’ll find answers to all your key questions, while in the shoutbox, you can exchange ideas with other users, and in the community, see all the latest photo comments and guestbook entries. So, what are you waiting for?!

Become a part of our community and profit from our high-quality image archive. Talk to enthusiastic photographers from all over Europe and discuss, rate and comment the photos. ap lives off of your pictures, so create some buzz and earn some cash.

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